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Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for almost 30 years, Classic Autobody in Berkeley, California is a family-owned and operated auto body and collision repair shop. Our mission is simple: to treat you and your vehicle with the utmost care and consideration from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you drive out of our shop in your expertly repaired vehicle. With high quality collision repair and exceptional customer service, we aim to get you back in your vehicle and on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Our 12,000 square foot shop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art body, frame, and paint equipment, as well as an I-CAR certified staff. All of these top-notch features allow us to deliver beautifully modern repairs with remarkable efficiency and a careful attention to detail that will leave you speechless! At Classic Autobody, we hope to create an experience that not only decreases the hassle and stress of getting your car repaired but also leaves you with no doubt in your mind as to where you'll bring your vehicle in the future!

Our Process: At Classic Autobody, we have a fairly simple process. Before we start talking repairs, we require an initial 15-30 minute scheduled inspection. During the inspection, our estimator will advise you of the initial cost, possibility of additional damage, and an estimated repair time. If you decide to have the repairs done by our shop, we can discuss setting up a future time to drop off the vehicle. Our typical drop off days are Monday and Tuesday mornings, with some exceptions. To schedule an initial inspection or inquire further about our process, please call our office at 510-526-0310.

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What others have said about us -

So our 10 year old Prius had most of its front end moved to a new configuration by an Uber driver. We were holding our breath that the damage didn't exceed the value of our beloved, super low-mileage car when we were introduced to this body shop.

Let's hear a big Amen for nice employees, great owners and quality repair work! Our car looks better than it has in years.

We're back tooling around town in our fully repaired car, crossing our fingers never to be Ubered again. (To be fair, Uber has been very stand-up about accepting liability.) Thanks for making our car whole and shiny again. You guys are the Best!

Meg B.

Berkeley CA, Yelp